Nov 172014

AquA 2014-11-17 Locker Room Lookers

Coming up Monday November 17th @ AquA Lounge

7pm 500L Locker Room Lookers w/DJ Vaan & SL Live Radio @ AquA Lounge

Whether you’re in street clothes just getting to the gym, in your jock, or buck naked stepping outta the shower, head on down to the AquA Lounge Locker Room for a chance to win 500L for Locker Room Lookers!

DJ Vaan will be spinning live for the entire grid on SL Live Radio while hunky host Jesse & delicious dancer Jack will be total gym studs!

If you cant be at the party listen live tonight here:

Aqua Lounge on Gay Zone Germany

Nov 162014

ENTERTAINMENT:   This week’s Unwind presents you with an eerie ballet of light and motion as film-maker NVA presents this short entitled ‘Ghost Peloton.’

The creator says this about this piece:  ‘Created for the grand depart of the Tour de France 2014 from Yorkshire, Ghost Peloton fuses performance cycling with athletic choreography performed by Phoenix Dance Theatre’s dancers, and the varied landscapes of race route. Each rider, bike and performer was illuminated using NVA’s bespoke LED light suit, which can instantaneously change colour, flash-rate and luminosity. The rhythm of movement from the choreographed actions of massed participants becomes a source of creativity in itself, extending perception of the immediate setting.

It’s epic public art, operating at the grandest scale, where physical surroundings become an open canvas carrying a new visual language, expressing mood and movement, comprised of form, colour and line.

Ghost Peloton is an ambitious collaboration between NVA and Phoenix Dance Theatre, in partnership with Sustrans, created for Yorkshire Festival 2014. Soundtrack by Frame Missing.’

Kick back, relax & enJOy this Sunday visual treat!

Nov 162014

avacar by eddi haskell 2

Yesterday we were given the news of the great loss to our community, our beloved Avacar Bluestar, who is also known as Private Radio, passed away on Friday.

Avacar was a pillar of our LGBT community for over eight years and will be greatly missed. His sims, Gay Fun World, Gay Fun Beach, The Gay Archipelago, The GA Sandbox, and Virtual Gay World, have been part of the Gay Archipelago since its founding. His continual endeavors to promote and bring the LGBT community together was his passion. He was a pioneer in many other virtual worlds including Avination, Inworldz, The Great Canadian Grid, GayNations, and OpenSim.

His contributions to the Gay Archipelago, this blog, Gay-WorldsNews, and our entire community are immeasurable. Avacar was a board member of the Fabrice Snook Foundation, events planning manager for multiple GA Summerfests and Winterfests, GA Communications Lead, “First Lady of the GA” (FLOTGA), participant in the Gay Archipelago International Fine Arts Tour (GIFT), the Fine International Arts Tour (FIAT), Second Pride, Mr. Nude GA, Vitamen shows, Miss Wigstock, Mr. Gay. SL8B, SL10B, SL11B, Vistas & Blossoms, contributor to GMP Magazine, a sponsor of Stand4Love, NoH8, a builder, content creator, shop owner, a DJ, host, owner of multiple clubs and mentor to numerous people.

Today we remember his wit, intelligence, passion, love, generosity, his kind spirit and unending devotion to his causes and to those he held most dear. Let us not forget what he taught us along the way, the largest forests have the smallest trees, everyone of us counts in more than one way.

He is survived by his parents, sister, brother, and family, as well as his long time partner, our former GA lead, Ricogenu. He will be missed by hundreds if not thousands of people throughout the world.

A memorial service in SL will be scheduled, we ask that you join us in sharing condolences to his family and his partner.




Photos by Eddi Haskell

Interview of Jax Vanda (Jacksonmarks Resident) Owner of Netherworld

Interview of Jax Vanda (Jacksonmarks Resident) Owner of Netherworld

I got the opportunity Monday afternoon to sit down with Jax Vandal (jackson marks) who is the owner of Netherworld, which has recently joined the ranks of the GA Member Estates. Sitting at the bar in the headline club, Restraints, we talked for a bit about Second Life, the new sim and life in general.

WORLD LGBT FRONT: Transgender Teen Film Debuts

WORLD LGBT FRONT: Transgender Teen Film Debuts

UK:  ‘My Life:  I am Leo,’ will air next Monday afternoon as part of the CBBC channel’s anti-bullying week, and is targeted at the channel’s audience of 6 to 12 year olds, Leo, now aged 13, was born female but has lived as a boy since the age of 5, and legally changed his name when he

WORLD LGBT FRONT:  London Plays Host; Dutch Human Rights Ambassador speaks

WORLD LGBT FRONT: London Plays Host; Dutch Human Rights Ambassador speaks

UK- London:  London is currently hosting the international LGBTQI Summit called ‘Out in the Street.’  Out on the Street is the first global LGBTQI leadership organization for the financial industry, by the financial industry. Its summits and ongoing initiatives bring senior LGBTQI and ally leaders together from major financial services firms, convening across three continents

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