Nov 262014

EvolutionUK- Portsmouth:  A group of researchers from the University of Portsmouth conceived a new theory that homosexuality helped humans form beneficial relationships with each other in the earliest hunter-gatherer communities to ensure survival.  

Charles Darwin’s laws of natural selection state that unless a trait is passed on reproductively from generation to generation, it eventually disappears – yet the percentage of the population that is gay, whether female or male, has remained roughly the same. Diana Fleischman, head author of the report, said sexual behavior and relationships encompass much more than just the act of it.

source:   read more on this new study here

Nov 252014

TFabrice Snookheater on the Hill gave us a wonderful tribute to honor the memory our GA founder Fabrice this past Sunday on the anniversary of his death in 2011.  This reporter has been trying to collect his thoughts on what to report on for that occasion.  We all have many fond memories of our dear friend and colleague.  He touched so many of us in so many ways.  Fabrice was always keen on bridging the connection between the virtual and the real world.  That was part of his vision behind the Gay Worlds News project.  We are now expanding that vision to include other social media outlets, including Google+ and Twitter.

“SL is RL, and RL is SL
We are pixel characters Yaww, but with human hearts, so why should we be different?
We have the same limited time, to try to do and explore the best we can in our life-s
Building bridges between SL and RL is exciting to me.”  Fabrice

May we never forget that there really are people behind the avatars who have true emotions and feelings.  ”Thanks Fab for sharing your life with us.  You will never be forgotten”

In Memoriam - Show by Theater on the Hill - Sunday, 23 November 2014

In Memoriam – Show by Theater on the Hill – Sunday, 23 November 2014

  Join us at Theater on the Hill where we will remember our friends on 23 November, 2014, 12pmSL time.  

Leather Laced Denim Hoodie from BRAVURA! Homme

Leather Laced Denim Hoodie from BRAVURA! Homme

Today BRAVURA! Homme released their unusual and Fabulous new “Leather Laced Denim Hoodie” Available in 5 colours. This is somewhat of a different style for BRAVURA! Homme, however it is fully in keeping with the “be smart. look smart.”  mantra of this growing brand. Pop down to the Pure Luxury Mall and get yourself a demo.

The Oval Concert Hall opens for the season

The Oval Concert Hall opens for the season

Join us on Saturday 22, November 2014 at 1pm SLT for Blue Velvet Fragments at The Oval Concert Hall. Enjoy the warm ambiance of the newly-rebuilt Oval Concert Hall as the management team opens its doors for the Winter Entertainment Season hosting Blue Velvet Dance Company’s ‘Fragments.’ Always original, thought-provoking and avant garde, Blue Velvet